the b.ignited box


The b.ignited box inspires big dreams and is perfect for the woman who’s looking to make her next move. 

Signature Self-Care System // Practice holistic and realistic self-care for balance and happiness.
Cardholder // Stash business or credit cards perfectly in this RFID-blocking cardholder.  
5: Where Will You Be Five Years from Today? // Set and crush goals with this guided journal. 
Statement Pins // Remind her of her worth with the “Equal Pay” and “Good Trouble” pins.
Fidget Pen // Stay focused on the task-at-hand with this one-of-a-kind fidget pen.
Mast Chocolate // Give her a moment of indulgence with this organic, small-batch chocolate. 
Gift Box // Recycle or reuse our b.minton box. Made in the USA by a small business. 
Unboxing // Hand-packed in recyclable crinkle paper with an overview card and a special hand-written note from you.

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