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River Birch Candles

Located in Dallas, Texas, River Birch Candles is a small family-owned business that uses the highest quality, sustainable, and chemical-free ingredients in all of their products. In addition to creating gorgeous candles and candle accessories, they're working to fight hunger in America by donating a portion of their sales to Feeding America and the Stewpot Dallas.

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Amy Zhang, Visual Artist

Based in Denver, Colorado, Amy Zhang specializes in pretty, witty greetings and gifts. Amy captures genuine human moments and celebrates the big and little successes in life. Committed to her community, a portion of her proceeds go to the ACLU of Colorado. Amy's small business is both women-owned and minority-owned.

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Located in Logan, Utah, Denik produces creative, cause-based notebooks. Denik’s mission of funding education projects through art and creativity has contributed to the development of five schools across Mali, Guatemala, Laos, and Ghana. Their unique collection of artist-designed notebooks are produced in small batches using a “top secret glue,” which allows the book to flex and bend...creating a durable, functional, and beautiful piece of art.

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Misc Goods Co.

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Misc Goods Co. was born from hard work and a successful Kickstarter campaign. They design and make keepsake goods with a practical purpose from high-quality materials. In addition to beautiful products, Misc Goods Co. builds equality, hard work, and fair wages into all they do. During the pandemic, Misc Goods Co. launched an innovative “pay what you can” campaign.

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Happy Luxe

Located in Los Angeles, California, Happy Luxe manufactures comfort and travel accessories designed by a bad-ass <our words, not theirs> female pilot, former Air National Guard, and combat pilot who yearned for a restful sleep. Their eco-friendly, sustainable, (and vegan!) mask is made with a fabric called Tencel that is derived from beech trees and is twice as soft as cotton. Unlike most sleep masks that are mass-produced overseas, Happy Luxe is made in America, right in downtown LA.

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Word for Word

Located in Los Angeles, California, Word for Word is a queer, feminist-run print and accessories brand founded by artist Nicole Russell. They prioritize original phrases, funny yet authentic sentiments, and super high-quality products with vivid colors. Word for Word regularly contributes to important organizations including ACLU, RAINN, BLM, Raices Texas, and more.

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Located in Van Nuys, California, Packola is committed to supporting small businesses. Their boxes are produced using papers that are sustainably sourced and inks that are environment-friendly, making them 100% recyclable. They produce all packages in the US, which means shorter transportation and smaller carbon footprint. They recently launched a pilot program in which they sponsor planting one tree for every $100 of sales, translating to quite a forest!

Yep, even our boxes are ethically-sourced and made in the US!