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Meet the Makers


Located in the San Francisco Bay area, Esselle is a lifestyle brand handcrafting beautiful and purposeful homegoods, tech accessories, candles, and more. Owner and designer, Sherry Lee, stays on top of trends and can always be found crafting new items like vanity resin trays, wood photo stands, vegan leather hair accessories…all the cool stuff you actually want. (Check out the custom resin tray she made for the b.aligned box!)

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Green Moonlight

Green Moonlight Shop is a woman-owned business in Charleston, SC specializing in ethically made and sourced gifts. Owner, Sarah, has a passion for high quality crystals and has built a loyal following based on providing free information and helping her clients learn as they buy (through interactive Instagram live sales). 

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Old Whaling Co

Located in Charleston, SC, Old Whaling Co is a women-owned small business — though, they often say they are family-owned since owner, April Budney, has always included her children and husband in the business. Inspired by the sea and originating from the desire for a gentler alternative to everyday bath and body brands, Old Whaling Co keeps all production in-house to bring you products that leave your skin feeling clean, moisturized, and fragrant.

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Mosaic the Label

Apparel and accessories designed in NYC for mixed kids, by mixed kids. Brittany designs lifestyle products for the ethnically and racially diverse. Born out of a need to ensure our daughter saw her whole self reflected in the world around her, we set out to create a space where diverse individuals (and those who love them) can show pride in their background by creating products designed just for them—all parts of them, not just “the good side”.

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KickIt Pajamas

Located in Georgia, KickIt Pajamas knows about the healing power of friendship and family. We know from personal experience the boost in psychological wellness during treatment when you feel dressed and beautiful. We know that you can be both sick and pretty, vulnerable but fierce, and scared but brave. We know because we’ve been there. KickIt designs fashionable and functional hospital wear for women receiving cancer treatment. A portion of sales goes to cancer research.

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River Birch Candles

Located in Dallas, Texas, River Birch Candles is a small family-owned business that uses the highest quality, sustainable, and chemical-free ingredients in all of their products. In addition to creating gorgeous candles and candle accessories, they're working to fight hunger in America by donating a portion of their sales to Feeding America and the Stewpot Dallas.

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Amy Zhang, Visual Artist

Based in Denver, Colorado, Amy Zhang specializes in pretty, witty greetings and gifts. Amy captures genuine human moments and celebrates the big and little successes in life. Committed to her community, a portion of her proceeds go to the ACLU of Colorado. Amy's small business is both women-owned and minority-owned.

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Sundara Mar

Sundara Mar's motive is to rethink the materials, supply chain, and the design behind how traditional jewelry is made. Our pieces are made with high-grade Italian acetate that is renewable, non-toxic, and biodegradable. All jewelry and accessories are crafted with high quality alternative materials like cellulose acetate and more.

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Grit & Grace Studios 

Located in Charleston, SC, Grit & Grace Studio is a family of women artisans who create beautiful, inspirational works of art for everyday use. Grit & Grace treats every day like it’s Earth Day, and from day one, has recycled 10 oyster shells for every oyster shell product sold.

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Retreat Drinks

Located in Washington, Retreat Drinks was founded by a certified holistic nutritionist + mom. Retreat Drinks Hot Cacao are made in small batches by hand, ensuring the utmost quality and care. We never use any artificial additives or preservatives in our mixes and all of our ingredients are clean and completely organic, as well as beneficial to your health. Our packaging is made with only recycled and biodegradable materials, and even our packing peanuts are organic and dissolve completely in water!

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Located in Logan, Utah, Denik produces creative, cause-based notebooks. Denik’s mission of funding education projects through art and creativity has contributed to the development of five schools across Mali, Guatemala, Laos, and Ghana. Their unique collection of artist-designed notebooks are produced in small batches using a “top secret glue,” which allows the book to flex and bend...creating a durable, functional, and beautiful piece of art.

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Motherland Essentials

Located in the Charleston, SC area, Motherland Essentials provides plant-based, clean, affordable skincare products with the goal of fostering love for natural skincare. Motherland Essentials is woman-owned, black-owned and has a strong commitment to the surrounding community and responsible sourcing.

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Misc Goods Co.

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Misc Goods Co. was born from hard work and a successful Kickstarter campaign. They design and make keepsake goods with a practical purpose from high-quality materials. In addition to beautiful products, Misc Goods Co. builds equality, hard work, and fair wages into all they do. During the pandemic, Misc Goods Co. launched an innovative “pay what you can” campaign.

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Happy Luxe

Located in Los Angeles, California, Happy Luxe manufactures comfort and travel accessories designed by a bad-ass <our words, not theirs> female pilot, former Air National Guard, and combat pilot who yearned for a restful sleep. Their eco-friendly, sustainable, (and vegan!) mask is made with a fabric called Tencel that is derived from beech trees and is twice as soft as cotton. Unlike most sleep masks that are mass-produced overseas, Happy Luxe is made in America, right in downtown LA.

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Charleston Hemp Collective

Based in Charleston, SC with stores throughout the Carolinas, Charleston Hemp Collective is a family-owned small business committed to providing the highest quality and trusted CBD products. They founded the Collective when Libiss realized that only CBD was helping with her chronic illness. Owners, Libiss and Matt, wanted to create a boutique space for customers to learn about the science of CBD. They work closely with farmers and are committed to American sourcing and supporting the local economy. 

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Word for Word

Located in Los Angeles, California, Word for Word is a queer, feminist-run print and accessories brand founded by artist Nicole Russell. They prioritize original phrases, funny yet authentic sentiments, and super high-quality products with vivid colors. Word for Word regularly contributes to important organizations including ACLU, RAINN, BLM, Raices Texas, and more.

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Located in California, Packola is committed to supporting small businesses. Their boxes are produced using papers that are sustainably sourced and inks that are environment-friendly, making them 100% recyclable. They produce all packages in the US, which means shorter transportation and smaller carbon footprint. They recently launched a pilot program in which they sponsor planting one tree for every $100 of sales, translating to quite a forest!

Yep, even our boxes are ethically-sourced and made in the US!