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We created the original b.minton toolkit because we couldn't find a corporate gift box that both rewarded and motivated employees. Curated to be fun and functional, each toolkit combines beautifully packaged, unique gifts with our signature evidence-based tip system to target key areas of employee success and reinforce important skills.

Whether you are rewarding a team of 100 or one rockstar employee, the b.minton toolkit corporate gift box is perfect for all your needs!

Consider the b.minton toolkit for:

supporting remote workers — onboarding new employee — rewarding a job well done — celebrating milestones (birthdays, holidays, and promotions) — executive gifts — work anniversaries — corporate team gifts — employee incentive programs

The b.minton Corporate Toolkit

Each toolkit contains seven unique products/tools that help your employees learn important skills. All products are cool, ethically-sourced from small businesses doing good, and are thoughtfully paired with The Better Balance Guide™ and our toolkit tip system to spark work/life balance, connections with coworkers, and so much more.

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Leave us a message for custom requests.

Personal hand-written stationery cards. Simply give us the names and titles of your employees and we’ll take care of the rest.

Company materials. Have a brochure or flyer that you want included in the toolkit? No problem.

Corporate branding. Yes, we can incorporate your logo or brand identity into the toolkit.

“Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.”— Confucius