The Pandemic

The Pandemic

It was about six months of late nights. We did the research, built the network, curated gift boxes, stocked inventory, designed a website, and secured our licenses and insurances. Now, it was go-live time. We sat at our computers excited to introduce b.minton to the world. 

We put the finishing touches on our announcement and <deep breath>  hit “send.” Twenty minutes later, WHO announced the pandemic.

So, what’s a start-up that started amid the COVID-19 pandemic been up to?

After the initial shock and frustrations, we pivoted. Like a lot of companies, we navigated the digital world and revamped our business model. This is an undeniably challenging time, but b.minton is rooted in positivity. So despite the onslaught of concerning news hurtling toward our screens every minute, we find ways to stay positive and have a little fun.

Each day we collaborate digitally by Zoom, FaceTime, email, and phone and practice work/life balance as we have a lot going on at home. 

We repeat: be kind to ourselves.

So, we’re still working at b.minton, ready to support every woman as she faces the world. We’re keeping it together. Sweet kids and fur babies help.

b.minton beautifully curates and ethically sources self-care gift boxes for busy women. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest @ shopbminton.

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