Plant Power

kitten with a plant

Sometimes it's the little things in life that help us find a new pathway, inspire us, or just help us be a little more productive. One simple thing you can do to spark productivity and brighten your day <and your desk> is to bring the outdoors inside with what we call “plant power.”

While you may be skeptical of the power of the plant, science has shown that plants not only improve air-quality, but they can also increase focus and productivity. What’s more, our little green friends can reduce stress and fight fatigue! In fact, many workplaces are incorporating nature into their workspaces to support their workforce and improve job performance <think Google>. 

So how can you incorporate plants into your home or office workspace? Start off with an easy-care plant. If you have the space, consider a larger potted plant like a philodendron or  spider plant. For smaller spaces, try an air plant, succulent, or an aloe plant. These are perfect to put next to a computer.

The bottom line, plants are a great addition to any workspace...whether you work from home or in an office. #stress reduction #shopbminton #happy #productivity

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