Quality Control

Quality Control

Does this sound familiar: you carefully scour the internet for the best deals with five-star reviews. You click “purchase” and excitedly review the confirmation email. Then, the gamble: Will it arrive as described? Will it arrive damaged? Will it arrive at all?

It’s sad that as online consumers, we aren’t even phased by the poor packaging or damaged product. We sigh. “Well, I’ll deal with this later,” we tell ourselves, as we add it to the to-be-returned pile by the door. We may even attempt to call the 800-number but after navigating the automated messaging system that never seems to land on a qualified customer agent, we hang up. Defeated.

Where is the quality-control? Did anyone even look at it before it was shipped?

At b.minton, we focus on "the details". Every single product is inspected for quality before it goes into your box and every b.minton gift box is carefully hand-packed before it goes out our door. Why? Because we care as much as you do about an amazing gifting giving and gift getting experience!

b.minton beautifully curates and ethically sources self-care gift boxes for busy women. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest @ shopbminton.

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