Are New Year's resolutions really all that great?

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New Year’s resolutions are just stressful, right? Join a gym, get that promotion, lose 20 lbs, send the kids to space camp! It turns out, unrealistic resolutions can actually harm mental health because the pressure to meet these unrealistically high standards, often results in the big F... FAILURE. 

Well, F*** that! Instead of making resolutions one day a year <that ultimately result in feelings of inadequacy>, let’s try and set kind and realistic goals throughout the year. BUT if you’re committed to a new year’s resolution, give self-care a try. 

Here are five realistic self-care ideas for 2021:

Write more. Carve out some time every week (say, Tuesdays 8:00-8:30 pm) to write. Send letters, write a short story, or journal. Treat yourself to some really nice pens.

Buy a plant. Find a plant that speaks to you and give it a lovely pot to live in. Go online and really learn how to care for it. Watch it grow.

Find a new trail. Go outside and find a new trail or park to explore. Be thoughtful and present in your journey it is not a race.

Drink coffee or tea, unplugged. Make one minor tweak to your morning coffee/tea routine...put down your phone. Sit quietly with your coffee/tea. Feel the warmth of the mug in your hand, slowly smell and taste every sip. 

Unfollow. Online and in real life, unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself. Unless they are providing you with positivity, you don’t need that sh!t.

What’s the takeaway? Unrealistic or toxic resolutions can actually make you feel worse. By focusing on self-care <now and throughout the year> and setting simple, fun, and realistic goals, you’ll take care of you and create your own recipe for success! 

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