5 Autumn Self-Care Tips

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Autumn is the time of pumpkin spice lattes and camp fires <yes, please!> but it also brings less daylight and more time indoors <is it already dark?!?>. Here are 5 surefire tips for taking some much needed self-care time, staying healthy, and staving off fall blues. 

  1. Get outside during the day. Find a few moments each day to get outside. Whether it’s a walk or a jog or a steamy cup of coffee on your porch -- the sunlight and fresh air will help keep your brain happy. 
  2. Do at least one fun activity per week. Take a quick trip to the orchard to pick apples, light your favorite candle and take a bath, or carve out an hour for your favorite novel. Make sure your week includes something special that brings you joy.
  3. Try mindful eating. It’s important to take notice of how you’re eating. Try and savor your most favorite dish by noting texture, taste, smell. Even if you’re not gathering around a big holiday table this year <thanks, 2020> you may still find yourself with a handful of gingerbread cookies. Avoid the mindless shovel of holiday sweets and instead, pay attention when you’re indulging. It will actually make you enjoy it more and shovel less. 
  4. Bring on the light! When the days get shorter, the darkness impacts our wellbeing. Try brightening up your work and home office spaces with additional lamps for mood lighting. For your home, consider adding floor or table lamps and moving furniture closer to a window to make the most of the autumn sun.
  5. Practice saying no. As we think through holiday travel, family gatherings, gifts, holiday cards...take a moment to breathe, ask yourself what it is that you really want, what you are comfortable with, and how you want to spend the holidays. If you find yourself really, really not wanting to do something, practice saying no or voicing what you need.

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